birth name / goes by trista rashi adelon / trista adelon. birthdate and age october 28, 1989. 26. birthplace mumbai, india. raised in sydney, australia / boston, usa occupation personal trainer relationship status dating

trista rashi adelon was born to marcel (an orthodontist) and belinda neé shaw (an interior decorator) on october 28, 1989 while they were on a holiday retreat in mumbai, india. the second and youngest child, trista joined a sister born in 1984.

having met at sydney university in 1978, marcel followed belinda to america and in 1982 they were married in massachusetts. born to french parents, marcel's family had emigrated to the great southern land in the late 60s and when it came time to decide where to begin their own family, it took little coaxing for marcel to convince his american bride to move to australia with him, making their home in the affluent suburb of rose bay where marcel set up his orthodontic practice.

trista's childhood was spent in the sunshine, running around, climbing trees, scraping her knees and muddying her best clothes. realising that they were raising a little tomboy, trista's parents encouraged her to pursue sport, signing her up to a little athletics program and nippers at the local life saving club. tall for her age, with knobbly knees and boundless energy, trista excelled in cross-country running and began to collect dozens of trophies and ribbons, helping her school to qualify for the national championships three years in a row.

trista was 11 when her parents sat her and naomie down and explained that they would be separating. to trista it seemed like a joke that she did not even take seriously when her uncle kevin arrived from america to help his sister and her daughters with the move. it wasn't until the plane was taking off that trista realised her parents were telling the truth.

every time trista had visited boston there had been snow and the people greeting them looked happy. when they arrived in 2002, the leaves were falling and the was a sadness in her grandmother's eyes that she would never forget. adjusting to life in boston seemed harder for trista than it did for the rest of her family. she missed her father terribly though they spoke on the phone every week and she sent him emails every day.

school proved difficult and being the new girl was loathsome, but trista soon found her tribe in the girl's soccer team, finding an outlet for her frustration with her parents' divorce. she missed the beach and her old friends, but as time wore on, boston began to seem more like home. at school, she also developed a keen interest in music and began to learn to play the piano.

still on amicable terms with her mother, marcel visited as often as he could, and though trista hoped that they would get back together, learning that marcel had met another woman dashed her dreams. when she was 15, marcel re-married and belinda gave herself permission to move on with her life as well. trista and her sister attended the wedding in sydney and her sister decided she would stay to attend university there.

when it came time for trista to pursue her own studies, she was granted a soccer scholarship at boston university, going on to study health and sport science there. before graduating in 2012, she tore a ligament in her leg during a friendly match and had to leave the team. shattered, she turned to music while she recovered and began to write songs.

in july of 2016, trista, her mother and her sister went to europe to celebrate belinda's birthday. in italy, trista's mother met a man and a whirlwind romance followed and she moved to florence to be with him. with nothing else to tie her to boston, trista moved to san francisco in 2016 to pursue her music career. the latter, at her boyfriend's urging.

• was named trista because her mother loved the name "tristan" for a boy.
• her middle name means "beautiful" and "wealthy" in hindi.
• drives a vespa LX150ie scooter.
• had this poster above her bed all through college.
• has a blue staffy puppy called xena.
• the land before time is her favourite movie.
• she will fight to the death for the last piece of watermelon.
• gets seriously invested in the fictional lives of her favourite television characters.
• her favourite sports teams are the sydney socceroos and boston bruins.
• still calls australia home.

magic ursurpation: the ability to temporarily usurp the magical powers of any being, even ones as powerful as the spectre, gaining all its skills and power and leaving it powerless in turn. the limit to the distance at which she can steal power of a target being is limitless. she has even shown the ability to steal the powers of two beings simultaneously.
power limitation: the more powerful magic she takes control of, be it from one or multiple sources, the shorter she can hold on to it, and she doesn't know exactly how long powers will stay before they go away. power sufficiently beyond her comprehension can render her catatonic, such as when she attempted to absorb the powers of lord satanus.

• memories of the birds of prey.
• memories of shadowpact.
• memories of gotham city.
• memories of misfit.
• memories of her parents.
• memories of rag doll.
• memories of secret six.
• memories of villains united members.
• memories of the house of secrets.
• memories of usurping the powers of others.


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